About Us

My Secret Garden

I set out a goal this year to learn how to grow my own organic vegetables.  I had some limited experience of various success before  growing herbs and edible  goodies at my home but I had never taken on my own plot at a community garden. What started out as bare soil has now grown […]

The Beautiful Lifestyle is simple, comforting, earthy, refined, and luxe.  Luxury not defined by wealth or money or status, but by what small pleasures in life that bring joy to the heart and a twinkle to the eye.

I started this blog because of my desire to find the small and beautiful things in this world.  And I want to share that with you.  Because if I can bring a smile to your face, or inspire you to slow down, close your eyes, and take it all in, then I have done what I set out to do.

You might find a little on the things I love.  Or a lot. Styling my home by painting the house interior with an original flare, escapades to the near and far, gourmet and rustic food, adventures in the great outdoors.  And of course, furry 4-legged animals (of the equine and canine variety).