Hump Day Hunks – Surfer Edition

It’s Wednesday! Due to popular demand, Hump Day Hunks is back. My last post, starring my crush from the Vancouver Canucks, Mason Raymond, and team mate Alex Burrows, was thoroughly enjoyed so I’m making it a regular feature. Since I just got back from Hawaii, it’s only fitting that today’s edition will feature those gorgeous water gods otherwise known as surfers.

And what’s not to love? I spied many a cute surfing instructors flexing their stuff on Hanalei Bay where I also just happen to be surfing.

My Secret Garden

I set out a goal this year to learn how to grow my own organic vegetables.  I had some limited experience of various success before  growing herbs and edible  goodies at my home but I had never taken on my own plot at a community garden.

What started out as bare soil has now grown into an abundance of nutritious veggies.  Kale, mixed salad greens, heirloom beets, baby turnips, icicle radishes, green onion, fennel and carrots have been born of tiny seeds and nurtured into wholesome produce that I’ve been happily using in my everyday meals.  While I was a believer in organic farming before, I am now more than ever dedicated to it now.

Learning to garden has taught me so much. Not only the hands-on skill to manage a working farm plot but I’ve learned to appreciate where our food comes from and the amount of love and energy needed to create it.   Gardening has also taught me patience: that good food takes time and love.  There’s just an amazing sense of satisfaction being able to harvest food I grew with my bare hands, just minutes before cooking and sharing it with friends and family.

My interest in cooking has been awakened through farming my own produce.  I’m eating healthier and more veggies than ever.  I  purchased Kale only for Kale chips before but now that I’ve grow it and discovered this Kale Pesto recipe, I can’t stop eating it!

A Magical Stay in the Yurts at Wya Point, Tofino

We were greeted by a smokey scent of cedar as we approached the check-in at Wya Point Campground.  Located between Tofino and Ucluelet, Wya Point is a First Nations operated and owned camping site near Ucluth Beach.  We were here to stay in the beachfront, Mongolian styled yurts.  I listened to the wood burning stove crackle while the Mr. checked us in at the reception cabin.  Even though it was July, there was a growing chill in the air as the sun’s last rays were retiring.

There was an immediate sense of adventure the first time we drove down the narrow and winding forested path to get to our accomodations.   We drove past the campsite and RV areas and reached a rocky beachfront.  And there stood our cozy yurt amidst the trees, hugged by a cedar deck complete with chairs and a brand new BBQ.
Everything we needed was in the yurt: a fold out sofa bed for two, thick blankets, an electric burner for warmth, and twinkle lights that lit up like stars at night.  The floor was made of hardwood cedar: a luxurious touch.  As Wya Point is off the grid, a battery is provided.  That night, we fell asleep to the sounds of the ocean and forest. We snuggled closely,  happy as children.
After coffee I explored the pebbled beach.  There was an interesting rock formation which formed high, circular walls with just enough of an opening to slip inside.  Standing in the middle of this natural sculpture, I was amazed at how the rock walls buffered the sound of the crashing waves and felt strangely peaceful.

Sunday Mornings Were Made For These

Home Made Egg and Bacon English Muffin

Yes it’s indulgent, and no you don’t want to have these every other day (although you’ll want to).  Super high protein and high in fat but oh-so-good.  Make sure you get only the best bacon (sodium nitrate free) and organic, free range eggs.   And timing is everything on this  recipe.   You want perfect cooked eggs, crispy bacon and melty cheese on your toasted english muffin so don’t leave it unattended!

Home Made Egg and Bacon English Muffin


English muffin (extra crispy for me)

Unsalted Butter softened

1 Slice of best bacon you can get

1 Organic, free-range egg

Thinly sliced cheddar cheese

Optional: Worcester or Hot Sauce.  Special Equipment: An egg ring is nice but I don’t use one.  A timer is helpful for your egg.


1. Preheat your oven to the broiler setting and make sure rack is on the highest level.

2. Melt some butter into a non-stick frying pan on Medium Low to Medium, watching it so it doesn’t burn.

3. Slice your muffins in half and butter them.   Stick them into the oven on the highest rack.

4. Crack an egg into a bowl.  Butter should be warming up nicely in the pan. When it’s starting to bubble, put your egg in.  Put your timer on for 2 minutes.  If you’re using an egg ring, put your ring into the pan and then your egg inside the ring.

5. Slice your cheese and check on your English muffins.  When they start to get a bit crispy (but not too browned), put the slices of cheese on. You can either put them on both parts of the muffins or just one side and continue to toast.

6. When your 2 minutes is up, put your bacon into the pan.  You might want to put it in sooner if you prefer your eggs more well cooked.  Also depends on the thickness of the bacon.  Check at this point if you want to flip your egg.  You can tell if it’s flippable if your spatula can get it to come off the pan.  If you like your bottom of the egg crispy, leave it a bit longer.

7.  Check on your muffins again. The cheese should be melted and muffins toasted. Take them out when you think they’re done.

8.  If you like your egg runny, it’s probably done now.  Or cook until desired doneness.  You can also prick the egg yolk with the tip of a knife or a skewer if you want it to run through your egg.  When the egg is done, place it on your muffin bottom.  Add your optional sauce (a few drops).

9.  Finish off with flipping your bacon and dry off with paper towels.  Place on top of the egg and then your other muffin top.

10.  Serve with tea or coffee and a few napkins as it can get messy!

Why I Have To Hire Snow Removal Calgary Experts

When winter sets in, you know what happens. Warm clothing will be your second skin, temperatures will be below freezing and a carpet of snow will be outdoors. It is quite inconveniencing when you want to leave for work or go shopping but the drive away is impassable. Why? Because snow has covered the whole section making it impossible to drive through. As a home owner, you can use the appropriate snow shovel to get rid of snow along the walkway to your home. What about the heavy stuff? This is where you need to hire snow removal Calgary experts.


Here are Benefits You Are Bound To Gain:

Peace of Mind

When you hire experts to remove the snow, it gives you peace of mind. The problem will be sorted out by professionals who are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced to do this kind of job. It is not an easy job but with their skills, they will accomplish it in no time.

This will clear your driveway and the road off snow allowing you to drive off with ease. The service is offered in a timely manner which assures you of continuing with your work and avoiding any disruption.


No Need to Invest in Equipment

Specialized equipment is needed in order to remove snow around your home. The equipment is not cheap. When you hire experts, you don’t have to invest in the equipment. They have their own which allows them to tackle snow removal tasks.

As a home owner, you get to save a lot of money as you don’t have to buy the equipment. Furthermore, the equipment is only used once a year. This means that during the rest of the year, it would be in your garage. Damage will occur due to lack of use. Hiring experts saves you on maintenance fees too.


Accidents are prevented

It is a common sight to see home owners shoveling snow from their drive way. This is great as it allows one to exercise. What you need to know is that this can lead to an accident. You can slip and fall breaking your arm or leg. This is not what you want.

Hiring experts will prevent any accidents from occurring. They are experienced and they have done these tasks over and over again. They know how to handle any situation and provide you with the results you need. Next time it snows, save yourself the trouble and hire the best snow removal Calgary experts.


Final Thoughts

When winter approaches, it is important to prepare oneself especially when it comes to snow removal. While you can shovel it from your driveway, its best to hire experts. Why? Peace of mind, prevents accidents and you don’t have to invest in snow removal equipment.