My Secret Garden

I set out a goal this year to learn how to grow my own organic vegetables.  I had some limited experience of various success before  growing herbs and edible  goodies at my home but I had never taken on my own plot at a community garden.

What started out as bare soil has now grown into an abundance of nutritious veggies.  Kale, mixed salad greens, heirloom beets, baby turnips, icicle radishes, green onion, fennel and carrots have been born of tiny seeds and nurtured into wholesome produce that I’ve been happily using in my everyday meals.  While I was a believer in organic farming before, I am now more than ever dedicated to it now.

Learning to garden has taught me so much. Not only the hands-on skill to manage a working farm plot but I’ve learned to appreciate where our food comes from and the amount of love and energy needed to create it.   Gardening has also taught me patience: that good food takes time and love.  There’s just an amazing sense of satisfaction being able to harvest food I grew with my bare hands, just minutes before cooking and sharing it with friends and family.

My interest in cooking has been awakened through farming my own produce.  I’m eating healthier and more veggies than ever.  I  purchased Kale only for Kale chips before but now that I’ve grow it and discovered this Kale Pesto recipe, I can’t stop eating it!